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Violent Night 123movies : Violent Night 123movies streaming free to phone, computer, tablet, smart TV, Moving console or other device. Watch Online to US, UK, Canada. Relying on myths within the film industry to be able to tell a tale in this manner is not something new. Since its inception, the cinema has always embraced what philosophy professor and Greek theorist Kerenyi Karolyen termed “mythologeme,” which is the use of mythology as a form of ritual narration.

Beginning with John Ford’s The Searchers, which perfectly included Homer’s Odyssey in its canonical western, and The most current and stunning James Cameron’s Avatar, incorporated the closest Pocahontas myths, biblical narratives, and why not? They could withstand the brutal stoning of time and the consequent loss of their stories to disappearance. Currently, Hollywood doesn’t care so much about these old myths, which is why it would rather reuse cinematographic techniques that have worked previously. What if a canonical movie could be made into a mythology? No, it’s not possible. It may be tempting and appealing, but the function of cinema is different from mythology.

Violent Night 123movies Streaming

Violent Night 123movie

It is possible to refer to the technology of the mythology, to empty the shell and use it superficially. A body with nothing more. This, along with the so-called Hollywood inflation, in which 10 Friday 13ths, 7 Nightmares, and a myriad of variations are released from one Halloween.

This means that the cinema is already using mythology and recycles the myth in its manner but always in a respectful manner. The same reuse has already been transformed into a Mythology and continues after either has interpreted it. It continues to function for as long as the characters or so think of it.

For cinema, however, self-awareness refers to embracing an entire work, both narratively and visually, and giving it a new significance, incorporating all the politics and aesthetics of the world the creator can encompass at the time frame in which it was created. It’s the case with the generation of directors that in the 1970s were able to take the film industry and the United States by storm to present the same tales and with the same vision of the world at the moment.

Violent Night 123Movies

In 1988, John McTiernan did not know that the film he had just premiered was set to alter the concept of world action cinema while also breaking the cinematographic history of all time. Die Hard was admired, handled, copied, and imitated, but never equaled that we can attach a myriad of similar movies. The artistic output varies, and a handful of successful films have been successful against such a huge amount of demand and production.

The information in these paragraphs is an introduction to learning some of the mechanisms of cinema operate now and over the next twenty years to come and how a contemporary film, which is almost 40 years after the release of Die Hard, can adapt its formula and change into mythology to the movie of the 1980s.

Tommy Wirkola’s Violent Night is a fantastic action-comedy amalgamation of Die Hard, Last Action Hero (also written by McTiernan), and a little like My Poor Little Angel. It is a film that shows Santa Claus exists. He rides on his sleigh, which reindeer pull. He runs down the chimneys and delivers gifts to children who behave properly.

Violent Night 123Movies

He is also known to take a drink to the point that he vomits and be just as foul-mouthed and sour as a trucker. On one of his nightly visits to hand out something to little Trudy and his family, Violent Night 123movies he is spotted at a large mansion secured by a security guard and home to the girl’s mother. This powerful woman is a host to her curious and sometimes dysfunctional family.

The only person that doesn’t a part of the family dramas is the lady’s niece. She’s a girl who holds on to Santa and attempts to talk with him via an old walkie-talkie her father bought her. Despite the conflict between the two, the family is going without major issues.

Until an armed band of criminals enters and is armed to the point and claiming from the property proprietor the proceeds of a million-dollar riot, hidden in a vault with maximum security. Santa is a heavy drinker of alcohol, can relax in a room, and is kept in the room as the group that is the villains destroys everything he can. In a state of no escape and no way to escape, he must confront the villains and attempt to make Christmas a little more bearable for the family at risk. To accomplish this, he plans to smack any bad guy in the area without mercy, with no distinction between race or sex, and employ the most brutal methods you’ve seen in movies for a long time.

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This is the self-awareness that cinema has at its finest. John McClane dresses up as Santa Claus and changes the Nakatomi Plaza for a no less extravagant mansion. Even though the story tries to refer to the level of repairing and indicating distances between all the above works, The outcome is that Violent Night is fun and enjoyable enough to request some pears from the elm tree but not to take the story too seriously.

It’s a current escape film that prefers to use the genre (action and comedy) and use it to its advantage since its claims are a bit shaky, although they offer an image of the world that is secretive.

In contrast to other versions of the character sporting an unnaturally white beard and prominent stomach, this version shows him completely aggressive in protecting a family who needs him. And there is no more compelling character than the actor in “Black Widow.”

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Of course, the inspiration he drew from was certainly not the classic movies of family, harmony, and harmony that were commonly seen during the time. However, some are distinct, so we’ll examine what they are.


In a statement released from the Sensacine portal, David Harbor reveals that to play the role of Santa In “Night without Peace,” the actor had to watch certain movies to help develop his character.

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The tapes the man decided to watch were tied to December, the month he was watching; however, some weren’t typical ones that were filled with Christmas cheer.

The film that debuted in movie theaters across the nation is a suspense film that tells the tale of an armed group of mercenaries that take over a house on Christmas Eve. They’re faced with a menacing Santa Claus, played by David Harbour.

“Santa Claus walks through these men like a bowl full of cookies,” reads one of the promotional videos for the film’s social media.

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“I stated that I wanted the persona to look as clever as possible. The goal was to have entertaining but not in a silly manner,” he told Insider about his character.

Leguizamo has played many characters in his career, including productions like “Carlito’s Way,” “To Wong Foo Thanks for all you have done! Julie Newmar”, “Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge! ” written by Baz Luhrmann ” Summer of Sam” by Spike Lee, and most recently as Bruno in the Disney popular “Enchantment.”

However, despite the great success that Leguizamo has achieved in the business, He has complained over the years about the fact that he doesn’t see more of the same people as in Hollywood. In November, the Colombian actor wrote an open letter to The Los Angeles Times in which He blasted the industry for its lack of Latino voice actors, Insider described.

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“The Latino population is larger than the white population of California Yet. We’re not adequately represented. Cultural apartheid is the reason,” Leguizamo wrote. “In New York, the Latino population is the same as the white population; however, you would not know when you watched local TV or read our magazines and newspapers. The numbers are ours; however, the system isn’t.”

Presently, “Violent Night,” produced by Universal, is a hit that has stunned audiences across the globe with its mix of Christmas spirit and dark comedy, and even bloody touches, according to Impacto Latino.

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